We have happy to announce our latest creation the Mini Plan – a very small plan – for people that don’t actually need to manage databases or host a dynamic website rather they need to have e-mail or a pre-built website – just like the ones we offer with our sitebuilder.

The Starter Plan was the first very basic plan that we introduced about decade ago in our effort to provide something for people that are starting into the www world. A few months back, we have noticed that this effort was not enough and that’s one of the reasons why this plan was created.

Ok sounds great, what do I get?

With the Mini Plan you will get 3GB of email disk space, web sitebuilder access (main page plus 3 sub-pages) and the SSL certificate (https) for the domain you use. As you can see, this is really a basic but very cheap and powerful plan that we offer now.

Any limitations that may consider about this plan?

Yes, all plans have certain unlimited features and certain ones that will have limits.
This plan won’t let you use/install/manage any database, and FTP or file manager access is not available.

Resource limits can be found on this page: https://support.stablehost.com/en/articles/2087015-web-hosting-resource-allocation

Ready for getting your Mini Plan?

There is an introductory offer and it is $0.9 per month by paying a whole year!

Get yours here!